Know the Spot


Know this place

  The borders of the winter became smooth, and the spring began to start along the Blue Ridge. Now it is time to reach the first travel of the season to reach the favorite Monia stream. This is a warm expectation and vigilance. Travel. I am very happy to return to that creek, you know like an old friend, but what you do for winter. The leaves and branches are wrapped in the tail of the new moon -shaped swimming pool. Last winter, the runoff stalls of runoff deployment -Is the runoff this winter enough to clear it? The dying iron fir has provided a cover for the big catfish in the wide glass pool. It finally fell, and it inevitably changed the rhythm of life in the swimming pool, catfish and fishingmen? In the winter runoff, how many beer cans and barbecue racks are carried from the winter runoff in the backyard?  

  When my fishing companion returned to the catfish waters we had been disturbed for many years, we easily and comfortable entered a language and reference framework we experienced in this place. During the river of the trees, when we paved some lunch we paved from the fishing vest, we used that language to tell the morning fishing, and after we broke up again, our plan was looking for the afternoon incubation surface.

  "Take a good rainbow on the fork, from the fork, where the left pedal is there, and the ancient without sycamore along the bank."

  "Just there, the swimming pool shot next to the pine hook that was washed there a year ago, it was the Great Edi under the show. The guy was so fast that he left before he could link ","

  "It must be holding three or four large brown brown in the pocket between these two currents. At that time, the deer waded to us. You know this place."

  We did it. We know this place. From this profound and local chat, we fully understand each other. We nodded and agreed and confirmed each other’s reports alone. "Yes, of course -this is a good swimming pool -decorated with all hanging casting, but there are some good fish there." Yes, we know this place.

  Fisheries often mention that such as "family waters", those rivers and streams are often fishing, so that we know that they have become part of our physical body, so that our blood seems to be mixed with waters. When the knees are in these waters and cast it on a rising catfish, our independent self is no longer the case. We are no longer included in our skin boundary, we can surpass it. If we pay attention and do it right, if we are a little lucky, then the gap between the domestication and the wild river will be closed, and one creature absorbs another creature.  

  This is a close relationship. In the frequent flooding words around us, the intimacy may be what we are seeking. To understand a place in depth, cherish it so fully, so that it becomes so completely intertwined with your life pulse, so that it is impossible to imagine life. This will cause deep sadness. The intimate relationship in the waters. Like our beloved spouse or lover, we know where we will encounter rough currents, and where the water will open to the water to enter a smooth and calm swimming pool. We know that if we caress this place with patience and wisdom, it will respond in a pleasant explosion. We know that position is so excited, but so sensitive, if we dare, we will only allow it to touch it once. We know when to speak with elaborate words and when do you not speak. With this intimate relationship, whether it is a lover or a river, the happiness of love is continuous with our own well -being. Never be fouled, abused or regarded as a natural condition -still respected, respected, cultivated, and loved.

  In addition to this metaphor, some fishermen will say that they are about fish. It may be like this. However, for many of us, wearing rubber pants, shaking on our heads, rivers and the sticks on the fish in it brought us to simple capture pounds and inches above. Fishing is a promulgation of this intimate relationship. It can be connected with people other than temporary to transcend the map to speak with the wilderness with mother tongue.

  In essence, fishing is a narrative-of course a novel, but if we make it, present it and explain it well, please let the simulation credible-if we tell the good story of the river, it is a good good story Story, that is a story waiting to hear, a fish will rise. With each pulling force of the lines closer to the fish, we lack the wildness of shrinkage until we are patient and more luck, and we get a close relationship with the contact with the wild fish in our hands.

  James Keefe is a role in my novels. Sometimes tend to peel off light yellow and fish in the naked Brook catfish, and recite the above words when doing so. What needs to be clear is that I am not saying that naked fishing is a way to realize this intimate relationship I said. The water of catfish is very cold. At least, the prospects of the naked body of the catfish and other fishermen are at least disturbing. Then, it may scare fish. However, a word of Keefe has mastered the logic of Whitman. His practice is the practice of the intimate relationship with the river and catfish. Without him, he cannot survive. Without this, he must be sure Will be angry.

  Tim Poland is the author of two novels "Yellow Stone Fly" (Swallow Publishing House/Ohio University Press, 2018) and deeper security security (2009). He lives near the Blue Ridge in the southwestern part of Virginia and is an honorary professor of English at the University of Radford.