French Broad & Holston River Smallmouth, Tennessee


France, Tennessee, France and Holston River

  There is a cruel potential momentum in flying fishing.Throughout the southeast and medium and Atlantic Ocean, fishermen are using exquisite tools and technologies related to surface catfish, they are adjusting them to pursue warm water fish.

  Although the flying of sea bass and foam is nothing new, in the past ten years, the evolution of this larger and more powerful species has accelerated.It is driven by the fishingman and seeks more internal organs than the little rainbow on the mountains and streams.

  From the rivers’ striped bass to musk, black bass and carp, flies are developing new methods to capture the most powerful fish of freshwater.This is seven destinations that can fight with fish that breaks the heart and fishing rods.

  The James River is one of the few rivers that support fish wild musk population.About ten years ago, Virginia gradually decreased from stockings, and Muskellunge’s Muskellunge was booming.

  The guide Matt Miles eagerly pointed out that most of the fish (35 to 42 inches) they captured were produced on the upper part of James. He said that the monster’s 50 -inch may be from the incubation ground, but they still stroll around and prepare to give the fishermen’s adrenaline for their lives.

  Between Tiemen and Linkburg, Virginia, James is considered to be musk water over 80 miles. The relatively shallow swimming pools and shallow beach habitats are very suitable for hunting the largest and most teeth fish with flying rods. 

  But musk fishing is not suitable for everyone. 8 to 14 inches long ribbons are cast on the sinking line with 10 and 11 rods, which is a exercise. I hope once a whole day and need spiritual perseverance.

  Mels said, "Musk fishing is in the right position in the right time." "I can put you in the right position and teach you the right method. When I can’t appropriate. It depends to a large extent on the fish Class behavior and method. "

  The musk peak season is from October to mid -March. If the fifty -/50 odds of the strike seem a bit slim, then James is also an excellent small mouth river.

  Guide/Information: Matt Miles Fly Fishing, (434) 238-2720,

  The GreenBrier River is full of 900,000 acres of Monongahela National Forest, which passes through the gorgeous Alleghenies of Eastern West Virginia. It flows for 173 miles without restrictions and quietly exudes some of the region. Small bass fishing.

  Jacob OTT is the ancient Greenbrier Resort of Washington, Washington, Washington. choose. He said that the capable fisherman captured 15 to 25 basss during a half -day floating trip, and the trophy fish exceeding 20 inches is absolutely possible. He is the biggest captured bronze back in history. This is a huge 26 -inch, captured by the captured green birds.

  Fishing is the best May to October. If the fish raises the head, the wanderer caused by the vortex of the bank will stimulate the violent bomb. If they want to feed the underground surface, the green small mouth slammed the crayfish and bait fish patterns.

  GreenBrier also provides incredible access to access. There are countless handmade printing and take -away ships, and two concrete ship tunnels, and bite a buoy is not a problem. Regarding the wading fisheries, 77 miles between the Greenbrid River trail between the 77 -mile state between Cas and Coswa provided walking, and the unparalleled passage of Malaysia or mountain bicycles.

  Guide/Information: Jacob OTT, (304) 667-8337,; now Serenity Outfitters, (304) 647-9779,

  Tennessee Knoxville east, France’s wide and Holston Rivers for the final step in the formation of the convergence and the powerful Tennessee River. Flying fishermen may be familiar with these two rivers in order to provide catfish provided upstream. This low in the system is a factory with small bass.

  Bill Stranahan has the Southeast Fisherman Guide, which regards France and Holston as a destination. Low or decreased traffic is desirable for the rear water driven by fishing, and one or the other usually provides the best conditions in a given day. Their approach allows decisions to make the competition time from small mouth water over 60 miles.

  The habitat is similar, with a variety of shallow beaches, shallow pebbles and gravel rods. This structure is scattered between long flat water and deep pores. Stranahan said that in all ages, the bug pops up from the bank or digs out of the depth of crayfish or bait fish to produce a large number of villains.

  He said: "You will find a lot of fish of 12 to 14 inches, and you will also hit a maximum of 3 or 5 pounds of fish. We get 20 -inch and 22 -inch people from time to time."

  From April to October is the golden time of small bite. Later this season, top water movements are the best. Effective fishing, a drifting boat or a canoe, and a sufficient channel to arrange floating objects. There are rods with 6 to 8 weights and floating lines for fishing surfaces and sinking lines.

  Guide/Information: Southeast Fisherman,, (866) 558-7688,

  Since the end of the spring, the striped bass from the Weis Lake in Alabama began the annual spawning migration. They drove about 75 miles upstream of a low -headed dam near the Etoa River near Catsville, Georgia. This was initiated by the impulse of spawning. Egypt was recorded as a summer vacation. Forty -5 miles of stripping dancer throughout Etowah, in the tail water asylum below the lake of Lake Alatina, foraging and feeding.

  The boys of Catsville Cottosville Coruste Fishing Company dialed this fisheries. Guide, Garner Reid, spent May in May on the rowing boat in September, passed through the shoal and rock gardens to find one of the biggest stimuli in flying fishing. The river stripping dancer is strong and fierce. Even normal 4 to 10 pounds of fish will bend into a 9 or 10 flying rod. When eating more than 15 pounds or more than 20 pounds, landing requires skills and luck.

  Reed said that he hit the bear’s river because it was difficult to say what conditions would bring. He keeps the 7 to 10 rods and prepares everything from the floating line to 300 grains sinking. Customers throw 2 -inch and 3 -inch bait patterns to match the main forage. But sometimes the 5 or 6 -inch ribbon required for the temptation.

  It may encounter a stripping dancer throughout the year, but most years are thick in the river in July and August. When the striped bass does not cooperate, it will be interesting to reduce the size and throw the bug pops up for the large spots. The spot bass will easily eat flies from April to October.

  Guide/Information: Cohutta fishing company,, (770) 606-1100,

  The world of flies fishing is shrouded in the wild rainbow catfish in the Saruida River, Colombia, South Carolina.

  Most of these fish are driving from 60 miles along the Kang Galley River along the Santee-Cooper between Colombia and Charston. They appeared near Colombia in April. By the beginning of May, they entered Xiasauda, ??which was the cold tail water below the Lake Lake Dam. They spent a summer in a 10 -mile river of cold water.

  Jake Howard of Saluda Valley Guides said he stuck his thumb in the hearts of June to August in the strip dance season because they became original and bloody because they sprinkled many fish. He told a large number of stripping dancers to enter the short river, and said that the number of days of 60 -year -old is possible for the fishermen. You can use 10 weight rods and 350 grain sinking lines to lay lines. The weight of the standard fish is between 4 and 8 pounds, and 20 pounds, 30 pounds or even 50 pounds of undressing dances are captured each season.  

  Guide/Information: SALUDA VALLEY Guides,, (803) 312-2435, 312-2435,

  Daniel Boone National Forest, the Daniel Boone National Forest, southeast of Kentaki State, has a low mountain of 700,000 acres, steep hillside and sandstone. The Cumberland River lasted 17 miles through this solid landscape, and then fell on a large -scale Cumberland on the upper reaches of the Lake Campland.

  Troy Humphrey, also known as Troy, said that there is no better adventure than floating along this remote river. The Humphrey Guide is a rare opportunity to fishing on the river under the lake, and the tail of Cumberland, who likes the villain on the river.

  The river is sometimes known as the north fork of Camplan County, which has changed its characteristics in the running of its national forest. From the Red Bird Ship Tow in the small town of Williamsburg, Kentucky, it ran flat, then surfaced, and then fell into the sandstone canyon, exuding a wide shallow beach, above the upstream waterfall above. There are some mild white water and a lot of water, which can accommodate a 20 -inch small mouth and spots.

  Hankle said that fishing requires the use of 6 -weight rods, pop -up bugs and ribbons to formulate standard river basties tactics. The unique thing is that the riverside camp can be made through the original wilderfill canoe, rafts or kayak, and make riverside camps for excessive efforts. From the end of spring to autumn, the river is the best fishing.

  Guide/Information: Cumberland Tout Guide,, (859) 494-4489.

  Fifteen years ago, Captain Paul Rose dragged his apartment boat and dragged away the Texas coast. He settled in Piedmont in North Carolina, away from the salt swamps and red drums he loved. But he found a new enthusiasm in the sunny Kata River and Lake between Ashville and North Carolina. Essence

  The fishing style of the appearance is very similar to the sight of the bone fish. From the platform on his boat, the rose fisherman looked for carp rooting and feeding pods on transparent horizontal shoes. He found the fish from the raised position and made instructions to the fishing fishermen on the casting deck. With stem flies or nymphs, actors must be the perfection of carp to eat.

  Founds of 15 to 60 feet must be accurate because carp is more sticky and water -skious than its salt water. Rose said that many customers hired him to hone his skills before going to Bahamas or keys. They return because the carp is interesting.

  Rose said: "Once you get the hook on him, it will be long, powerful, and running and running -once." "They are just not tired."

  Fishing from 3 to 20 pounds requires 6 or 7 rods. On a beautiful day, the fishingman can get up to 30 photos on the carp, but the connection is less.

  The peak carp season of the Kata River storage pool is from May to September from Lake Norman, Lake James and Lakes in the mountains. August and September are the best stem flies.

  Guide/Information: Carolina bonefishing,, (704) 616-6662,  

  Nick Carter is the author of "North Carolina and Georgia Flyfisher Guide". This guide can be found on