Back in Session: Video


Back to the session: video

  "Back to the meeting" has always been a project I am at the Bretovard Academy. When I was still a sophomore, several faculty members asked me if I wanted to make Banju movies related to the school. My degree at Brevard College is the Wilderness Leadership and Experience Education (WLEE) and Journalism. I can combine them to create this movie.

  Banff’s "Back to the Conference" screening
My goal is to capture the student communities of the Brevad College and its unique relationships and neighboring wilderness. The project enables me to work with students in the outing club of the college and countless hours, DuPont and students in the woods in western regions of North Carolina.

  This place is very special for many people and continue to be the home of adventure soul. I thank a university that supports students to establish contact with the natural world. This film is screened in Banff and is very popular. 

  Jessica Wiegandt, director and producer of "Back Conference",

Jess Wiegandt is a senior college of Brevard College, Wilderness Leadership and Experience Education (WLEE) and Journalism. She was originally from Daleville, Virginia, and studied and worked in media and outdoor education in universities and outdoor education. Most of Wiegandt’s video education is learned from Kalu Yala Institute in Parnima in the spring of 2018. This fall, she will start a master’s degree in films and media in American universities in Washington, DC. Brevard’s senior projects have a total of 115 records, because she is the director, cameraler and editor.