Best Fishing Shorts for Men – Top 10 of 2023


  With increasing temperatures and longer days, it makes sense to wear something comfortable for extended fishing trips.Something that helps improve your performance along with enhancing mobility. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in a pair of fishing shorts that offer dual functionality and are infused with the best features. If you’re looking for a great product, you’ve certainly come to the right place. We’re going to help you choose products that are renowned for quality and comfort. In light of this, take a look at our top 10 handpicked fishing shorts for 2023.

  But first…This is probably the most important thing to consider. You see, you’ll be out all day fishing under the scorching sun. You need something that doesn’t cause any irritation, protects your skin from the UV rays and is breathable. For maximum comfort and mobility, it’s better to opt for nylon and polyester weaves.

  You see, top products are manufactured with breathable mesh inner seams and lining, which makes these materials breathable and functional at the same time. Cotton isn’t a very good material when it comes to wicking and drying and will cause plenty of irritation should you decide to take a plunge in the water. So, go for water repellent materials that come with UPF 50+ sun protection for optimal comfort.?Fishing requires you to pack plenty of essential accessories. Not to mention, you’ll also be bringing along personal items such as a phone, wallet, and whatnot. This is why it’s vital to go for a pair of fishing shorts that come with waterproof, preferably zippered pockets at the front and back. The pockets on the best fishing shorts have to be reinforced and made with strong inner lining to prevent damage from frequent wear and tear. Don’t buy a product that comes with soft pocket linings.?Next up on the list is comfort. No matter how well-designed the fishing shorts are, if they aren’t comfortable, they’re of no use. While there are numerous options when it comes to types of waistbands, you need something that doesn’t cause any hassle or “waist” any time when you put them on. This is why a lot of anglers opt for shorts that come with drawstrings and elastic waistbands. They’re more comfortable and take a second to put on.??While there’s nothing wrong with giving your fishing shorts a nice rinse or two every now and then, it’s also a great idea to buy a product that doesn’t really require any cleaning. Some of the best products come with stain resistant materials that not only help keep the shorts nice and clean but also fight bad odors.?Notice: We use affiliate marketing in this article. This means we might earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you click on one of the links provided in this article and end up purchasing a rod. We never get paid for a review and only recommend products we use and are convinced of ourselves. Thanks!If you’re looking for something comfortable and versatile, especially considering how hot the weather is getting, then the fishing shorts is going to be the best option. Why? Well, the product is made with a unique, mechanical stretch material that offers prolonged comfort without causing any irritation. The fabric is designed to quickly wick and eliminate moisture. Moreover, the shorts are also UPS?sun protected. This means you won’t have to worry about getting hot and sweaty while fishing for prolonged periods of time. And the best part is the shorts actually enhance mobility. Truly an agile product!The fit comfortably and are more performance-based, which basically means they’re going to stretch and set with your mobility. They have basic belt loops and a universal waist size. Moreover, there are two pockets at the front and two at the back, all of them are zippered to keep your accessories nice and secure. The pocket on the thigh features water drains should you decide to go for a swim.?Quick-dryingStretchable polyester?Stain resistant?Multiple zippered pocketsA bit priceyWhen you talk about comfort and performance, it doesn’t get any better than the fishing shorts. There are a couple of great reasons why this product should be on your go-to list for fishing apparel. Firstly, the Next Level shorts are quick-drying. They’re made with patented, cutting-edge anti-microbial materials. This means you won’t have to worry about any skin related irritation, the shorts are easy to wash and stain-resistant. Moreover, they’re UPF sun-protected. The product is a technical marvel when you talk about versatility and performance, especially when it comes to fishing related accessories and clothing.?The waistband on the is adjustable, which means sizing won’t be an issue. The shorts are also designed with a perforated yoke at the back. There are zippered pockets on the back, cargo pockets to securely hold essential accessories, and a comfortable crotch design for enhanced comfort and mobility.?Perforated back yoke for added comfort and performanceAdjustable waistAnti-microbial fabricQuick-dryingNot enough pockets?Aftco is considered as a topnotch brand when it comes to manufacturing fishing apparel. The range by the company is a solid testament to quality and focus on comfort and versatility. The product is made with comfortable and lightweight materials. The fabric also has ripstop features, which means it’s quite durable. Moreover, the shorts offer a two-way stretch for enhanced mobility and are also stain-resistant.?The has two cargo pockets (non-zippered) with a pocket for pliers and other accessories, which is quite impressive. The fitting is nice considering the shorts have adjustable waist. Furthermore, the fabric is infused with UPF protection that basically blocks more than 90% of ultraviolet rays, keeping the shorts and your legs nice and cool. A must-have feature for fishing during scorching hot days.?Dual cargo pockets for holding your essential fishing accessoriesSun protection featuresComfortable interior and exterior seamsPocket for pliers and additional accessories2-way stretch fabricStain resistantNot for competitive anglersExpensiveOne of the best things about the is the fact that they’re made with the company’s patented NetPlus material. This is a very quick-drying fabric that allows for enhanced versatility and mobility. You can easily take them for a day out for swimming. Moreover, the company is reputed to manufacture products with 100% recycled materials. The Swiftcurrent is also made with recycled nylon recovered from ocean waste and fishing nets.?Moreover, the feature UPF 50+ protection and have durable, zippered pockets for enhanced performance. The shorts have a tool dock to store multiple fishing accessories and a thigh pocket to keep your personal items such as a phone and whatnot.??Made with DWR finishing with PFC-free materialsRapid wicking and dryingZippered pockets including a tool dock pocketManufactured with recycled nylonGreat sun protectionFitting issuesPriceyIf you’re looking for something casual, versatile, and performance-driven for this summer and if you’re an avid fisher, then no look no further than the . There are a couple of things that have landed this product on the top 10 list.For example, the can be worn for lounging and fishing. Plus, the product is made with quick-wicking and drying fabrics that come without any tradeoffs in terms of comfort and mobility. Heck, you can also wear these shorts on a hiking or outdoor adventure during the summer.?Very lightweight and comfortable fabric (made with woven spandex and polyester)2-way stretch allows for sublime mobility, especially if you’re on a paddleboatMade with Freefly’s patented bamboo blend?Not enough pocketsNot for professional fishersPriceyThe is another great product if you’re looking for something comfortable and performance-driven. The Backcast is essentially popular for the fact you can instantly convert the fishing trunks into swimming shorts without compromising on comfort and quality. The product is specifically made with materials that enhance protection for the wearer as well as boost their mobility. The material is lightweight, and the shorts are made with woven nylon with quick-drying features. The company has also infused its patented Omni-Shade sun protection, effectively shielding your skin from sun damage.?The have an adjustable waistband made with an elastic loop and an internal drawstring. The product has open pockets with a zippered pocket at the back.?Quick-drying materialsMultiple pocketsGreat sun protectionDual functionality?Textured polyester and nylon blendLooped waist belt for quick adjustmentsButton closureFeature-packed varieties are expensiveThe are designed for pure functionality and performance. And that’s evident in the fact that the fishing shorts come with a pretty impressive array of storage loops and pockets. You can easily hang a small tackle box at the back. Moreover, the shorts have another accessory pocket that allows anglers to comfortably store other tools and accessories without a worry in the world.?The are made with 2-way stretch materials, mainly polyester and nylon. Moreover, the product is both stain and water-resistant, with quick-drying features.?Adjustable waistlineTwo-stretch materialsImpressive cargo pockets for tools and accessoriesHand pockets feature meshed inner liningsWater repellent and stain resistant?Doesn’t have adequate sun protectionThe are made from relatively softer fabric. However, they come with pretty good features such as durable cargo pockets with a D-ring loop and clip to store all your accessories. The waistband on the KastKing is adjustable and comfortable. Moreover, the fabric is infused with UPF 50+ sun protection for all-day fishing.The have multiple hand pockets with a side pocket that’s designed with water-resistant materials and is enough to hold an impressive amount of smaller accessories and tools.?Quick-dryingAdequate hand pocketsD-ring loopWater-resistant materialBudget-friendlyNot for professional fishersIf you’re looking for something stretchy, comfortable, and packed with features then the is the right way to go. The product is made with the company’s patented SurfNyl and Surfstretch technology and materials, making the shorts immensely quick drying and lightweight.Moreover, the are perfect for hot summer days because of a more airy and loose fitting, allowing enhanced ventilation. The material blend includes 10% nylon and 90% spandex. This unique blend of materials allows for enhanced mobility and flexibility while maintaining the best amount of comfort.?High-tech material blend?Quick-dryingUPF sun protectionAdjustable waistMultiple pockets, including an internal pocketExpensiveThe is another great product meant for professional anglers. They’re perfect for individuals looking for additional space and tool storage. The shorts come with multiple pockets designed for durability and storing different accessories.Moreover, the are made from a blend of quality materials such as spandex and nylon and are infused with DWR technology (Durable Water Repellent). The pockets are zippered, and you can quite literally wear them for more than just fishing.?Sustainable manufacturingWater-resistant materialsPatented SuperFabric pocket?Quick-dryAthletic fitExpensiveSo there you have it. These are some of the top fishing shorts money can buy. However, to make a more effective buying decision, always make a note of your preferences in terms of quality and features. Select a product that is more in line with your requirements.?If you’re out on a fishing adventure during summer, the most important factor to look for in the best fishing shorts is that the product should be quick-drying. Quality shorts with this feature can certainly make life easier as you can go for a swim and fish without worrying about anything.?Notice: We use affiliate marketing in this article. This means we might earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you click on one of the links provided in this article and end up purchasing a rod. We never get paid for a review and only recommend products we use and are convinced of ourselves. Thanks!