Best Dry Bags for Fishing: Top 7 of 2023 – Buyer’s Guide


  A dry bag can come in handy when you carry items that need to stay dry no matter what. We tell you what to look for.Table of Contents:Dry bags have become a popular piece of gear for outdoor enthusiasts. Their primary purpose is to keep the gear inside dry, hence they are mostly built with one big compartment. (Make sure to check out our Guide to the Best Waterproof Backpacks of 2021) They are made from waterproof material such as nylon and almost always feature a roll-top closure where you fold the top of the bag a few times and then close it with a buckle strap. This mechanism ensures that no water enters and your gear stays dry no matter the outside conditions.As fly fishermen we know a thing or two about staying dry. Hence we compiled this review to give you our recommendations of the best dry bags on the market in 2021. Let’s jump right in. course the term “best” is somewhat personal. Spending a lot of time out on the water, we have put many dry bags for fishing to use and hence feel comfortable giving you our favourites in this review.The is one of the toughest dry bags for fishing on the market. Made from TPU-coated 840D nylon it can stand the test of the roughest conditions. The side handle makes it comfortable to grab and carry it no matter how heavy loaded it is. The detachable shoulder strap comes in handy when carrying the over longer distances.

  You open and close the by rolling the top of the bag about three times and then close it with the buckle. Comes in green and bright orange. If you are looking for something a little smaller, check out the with a capacity of 4.5L.DIMENSIONS: 29-1/4”H x 12-1/2”W x 7-1/2”D, CAPACITY: 27LThe is a dry bag as simple, yet functional as they come. It’s available in a bright orange color and three different sizes (, and ). All sizes are made with Simms’ seam-sealed technology to ensure waterproofness. The medium-sized dry bag is the right choice if you want to bring a set of spare clothes and some camera equipment for example.The features a D-ring next to the buckle to attach it on a boat or to some other gear you might be carrying. Made from TPU-coated nylon, non-submersible (which means you can’t immerse it).DIMENSIONS: 20.5″ x 12″ x 6.5″; 3 rolls closed: 16″ x 12″ x 6.5″ – CAPACITY: 20 L; 1220 cu. in. – WEIGHT: 4.8 oz.The is another excellent choice if you are looking for a tough dry bag companion. Made from recycled nylon, the ‘s strength is its simplicity. A straightforward bag with a roll-top closure and a D-ring to attach it to other gear or secure in a or raft.

  The comes in two colors, green (pictured above) and a bright orange which can be a good choice if you want to use it for whitewater rafting for example due to its high visibility.DIMENSIONS: 13″x9.5″ when rolled closed – WEIGHT: 8lbsThe is a good choice if you are looking for a lightweight dry bag. Umpqua describes it as highly water-resistant, hence not waterproof. Made from durable 420D nylon it can take anything you through at it.The comes in sizes of 2L, 10L, 20L and 35L.If you are looking for the utmost in choices in terms of sizes and colors, the is for you. Just like the other products in this review, the features a roll-top closure and a buckle for secure protection from the elements.The front slip pocket of the offers quick access to a fishing or boating license without the need to open the main compartment. A D-ring attached to the buckle and the detachable shoulder strap offer a lot of flexibility. The comes in three sizes (5L, 10L, 20L).

  The is another very versatile dry bag. Made from a heavy 500D PVC, the neat features of the are its waterproof phone case that comes with the bag and the small zippered pocket on the front that allows quick access to essentials such as car keys, a license or a wallet (not waterproof).The also comes with a D-ring and a detachable shoulder strap. You can choose from a large variety of sizes (10L, 20L, 30L and 40L) and six colors.The is a good choice if your focus is on keeping your gear organised. The see-through design on the front allows you to easily know what’s inside your bag. Another neat little feature of the is the waterproof phone case that comes with it.The features a detachable shoulder strap and a D-ring. It comes in multiple sizes (10L, 20L and 30L) and wide variety of colors.As you can see from our review almost all dry bags are built the same way. They open and close to a main compartment with a roll-top closure and buckle. Almost all also feature a D-ring which allows to attach the bag to other gear or safely secure it on a boat or raft. They also come in all sort of sizes and colors. Some of them feature a shoulder strap, others keep it to a minimum and need to be carried holding on to the top handle.Ultimate Guide: Best Wading JacketsBuyer’s Guide Best Wading BootsGuide to the Best Fly Rod under 200$Top 6 Best Fly Fishing NetsA Guide to the Best Fly Fishing Starter KitsBuilding your own Fly RodTopo Designs Quick Pack: A Hip Pack Not Only for Fly FishermenGuide to the Best Fly Reels for SaltwaterOakley Clifden Review: Great for Fly FishingPatagonia Wading Jackets: Buyer’s GuideNotice: We take part in affiliate programs. If you click on one of the links in the text and end up purchasing a product we earn a small commission at no extra cost for you. We only recommend products we are convinced of.

Best Fly Tying Vise: Top 8 – 2023 Buyer’s Guide


  In this fly tying vise guide we want to provide you with all the info you need on the best fly tying vises on the market.Disclaimer:?All products in this guide are independently researched by our team. We only recommend products we believe in and never get paid for the reviews. Learn more about our review process?here.There is little more exciting in fly fishing than seducing a fish to take a fly you tied yourself. To get started with tying is easier than you might think. Your flies won’t be perfect from the get go but simple patterns can be learned quickly.In order to tie your own flies you need a tying vise, often also called tying vice. We give you an overview of the best fly tying vises on the market no matter whether you’re a beginner, advanced fly tier or expert.

  Table of contents:We picked vices for all levels of fly tying to make sure you choose the right product no matter your level of fly tying. At the end of the article we will also explain what to pay attention to when choosing your vise. You might think: do I need a rotary vice or can I do with a tying vise with fixed jaws? Don’t worry, we got you covered here. Let’s go!Key features:– Four positive locking angle adjustments for stable tying– Fully machined with high quality stainless steel and aluminum for extra durability– Made in the USA. Dyna King Inc. has been in the business for almost 40 yearsThe is everything you are looking for in a high-end fly vice. The fully rotating vise comes with a sophisticated quick clamping system. It can be precisely adjusted to hold hook sizes from #10/0 all the way to #32.The clamping jaws have two notches of different sizes, which are designed for medium and very large hooks. The can be brought into a horizontal position as well.Key features:– 100% made in the USA.– 360-degree rotation– Jaw capacity of 28 to 4/0The is probably the best fly tying vise for the money if you are just getting started. It has everything you ask for in a fly tying vice: a bobbin holder which is a prerequisite for a rotary vice (360 degree rotation). (Read more on rotary vs. fixed jaw here)The advantage of a rotary fly tying vise is it’s versatility. The rotation enables you to tie more advanced flies more easily. The only disadvantage we found in the is the fact that you have to clamp it to a table, it cannot stand on its own.Key features:– Tempered tool steel jaws securely hold hooks from size 2/0 to the smallest hooks around– The pedestal base is heavy and stable and holds the vice in place safelyThe is another great fly vise for the money. At around $150 it is a great choice for fly tiers who are a little more advanced already. You can get the Peak Rotary with a C-clamp or a pedestal base.The features a minimum design to focus on what’s essential. It is made from super stable materials including stainless steel and aircraft aluminum.Key features:– All stainless steel construction made in the USA– Very sturdy setup. C-clamp holds tightly and base is very heavyThe is an excellent choice for intermediate fly tiers. Built like a tank the full rotary vise features a rock solid pedestal and a C-clamp. A material clip is included as well but no bobbin cradle.Holds hooks in all sizes from 2/0 all the way down to 18. Downside: The plastic screw that holds the main arm can be a little weak at times.The Renzetti Traveler 2200 has the following features:– All parts of the traveler are anodized for extreme durability– Renzetti claims the strongest hook holding power in the industryWith the you enter the territory of professional fly tiers. First introduced in 1988 the Traveler Rotary Vise has been extremely popular ever since.The Renzetti Traveler 2200 comes in two versions: pedestal or C-clamp which makes it even lighter, ideal for travelling as the name suggests.Key features:– Revolves 360 degrees and articulates 220 degrees up and down– Ultimate hook holding powerThe is one of the best products on the market. Yes, you have to invest a bit of money but if you are a serious fly tier you won’t regret spending your money on a Regal vise.Regal’s flagship product can be used to tie any fly ranging from small dries and nymphs all the way up to big streamers for large predators. The is fully rotating and articulates up and down by 220 degrees.Key features:– 360 degrees rotation– Excellent hook holding capabilitiesThe is another hugely popular vise amongst fly tiers. It comes with a lifetime warranty that gives you peace of mind in case something does not work as planned. The rotary vise enables a 360 degree jaw rotation. Stainless steel, extra tough around the jaws, ensures a long lasting quality product.Grooves in the jaws ensure a secure fit of the hook when tying with the . A clamp on the pedestal allows for a vertical or angled operation. You can switch the solid pedestal for a C-clamp if you prefer to attach your vise to your tying desk.Key features:– Built to tie the largest flies for saltwater species– C-clamp and pedestal availableIf you are into saltwater fishing and want to tie your own patterns to catch bonefish, stripers and co., make sure to check out the . Named after one of the game’s most famous people, Bob Clouser, this vise allows to tie larger saltwater flies such as the Clouser Minnow.Just like its brother, the , the comes in a pedestal and c-clamp version. However, the saltwater series can hold larger and stronger hooks which are essential when hunting strong saltwater species.Now that you have a good overview of the best fly tying vises out there on the market, we want to focus on one of the most essential gadgets when it comes to tying your own flies: the fly tying vise light. If you have a bright desk lamp you might as well use that one but if you are new to tying you can consider getting a fly tying light together with a vise. Here are a few good options for you to consider.For a little over $30, the offers a great entry level fly vise light. It features an integrated 1:1.75 magnifying glass surrounded by a bright LED light. If your eyes are a little weak or if your tying room is not perfectly lit, the will offer you everything you need to tie your flies with precision. There is even a version with a 1:2.25 magnification.The comes with a heavy base and a clip, so you can choose how you want to use it at your tying desk. The gooseneck is highly flexible and you can easily bring it into the position you desire. The fly vise magnifiers and lights of the are very reliable and will last you a long time.The is another solid option if you are looking for a fly vise light. In contrast to the it only comes with a C-clamp which means you can attach it to your tying desk but it doesn’t feature a base that enables it to stand on a desk.The features a 2x magnification and the LED comes with 3 very bright LED bulbs. It can either be run on power with an 4.5v AC/DC adapter or on batteries (which you will have to get separately). Comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.With 220 Lumen, the offers maximum brightness. Thanks to separate LED lights and magnifiers you can use them individually. The overall magnification is 2x but the offers up to 10x spot magnification which makes it an excellent choice for the ones whose eyes have gotten a bit weaker over the years.The comes with a solid base and a C-clamp so you have the choice in attaching it to your fly tying desk. The base even features a small built-in storage tray and magnet.In this section we want to give you more information on what to be aware of when choosing your tying vise. We will cover why it makes sense to tie your own flies, which product is good for you and what features in a vise are important.Some fly fishermen tie their own flies, others don’t. While there is no need to tie your own flies we want to give you advice on why we think it’s a good idea.First and foremost: we think you’ll become a better fly fisher if you start tying your own flies. The reason behind this is the fact that you will become more knowledgeable about insects and their artificial counterparts that tiers try to imitate.If you are on a fly fishing trip for example and bring along your vise (look for a travel model) you can quickly adapt to the conditions and tie a few flies at night that might make a difference the next day.Especially nymphs can be tied easily and quickly. Techniques such as euro nymphing have become increasingly popular in recent years – most of all because they are so successful.Last but not least catching fish with your own creations is incredibly fun and satisfying.In order to purchase the right product you should ask yourself the following questions before getting one.If you only tying flies every once in a while it probably doesn’t make sense for you to invest hundreds of dollars in the most sophisticated vise. The same holds true if you are only getting started.If you are mainly tying flies for trout any of the vises we reviewed above will work just fine for you. If you consider tying saltwater flies you might want to consider getting a vise that can hold large saltwater hooks: recommendable models are the or the .The question whether you prefer a clamp or pedestal vise can only be answered by yourself. Here are the advantages of the respective versions.A vise with a clamp can be attached to any table and is hence very versatile. It is easier for travelling because the pedestal is often very heavy and sturdy to ensure a stable setting on a table. Several of the models we reviewed above come in both version for you to choose from.A fixed jaw vise has no option to rotate. It comes in one position that is not changeable. Most modern day vises are rotary vises.In a rotary fly tying vise the head can rotate. When you are tying more advanced flies a rotary vise makes adding materials to your creations easier. When tying a fly you can hold the material steady and simply rotate the head which can increase precision and result it better tied flies.Of course you could argue that a rotary vise is not necessary. It won’t help you become a better tier. You will have to learn the fundamentals no matter what type of vise you use.If you are just starting out your first vise might not have to be a rotary vice. Once you’re sure you will stick with tying and have learned the basics a rotary vice can make your tying life easier.Since everybody has their own budget it is difficult to give a simple answer here. You can definitely start tying flies with a vise such as the which will cost you less than $100.If you are looking for something a little more advanced medium-priced vises between $150 and $200 are a good choice, for example the or the If fly tying becomes your passion you can invest more than $350 to get some of the best fly tying vises on the market such as a or a .Last update on 2023-01-14 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising APIIf you are looking for additional resources make sure to check our other stories in “Fly Tying“.Here are some how to’s for a number of different flies:Notice: The Wading List is reader-supported. We take part in so called affiliate programs such as amazon associates or avantlink. If you click on one of the links in this article and end up purchasing a product we might earn a small commission at no extra cost for you. Thank you! All images courtesy of amazon.

Best Waterproof Backpack: Top 10 of 2023


  A waterproof backpack can be an essential piece of gear when out in the wild. The best waterproof backpacks keep your gear dry no matter the conditions.Table of Contents:Disclaimer:?All products in this guide are independently researched by our team. We only recommend products we believe in and never get paid for the reviews. Learn more about our review process?here.Not all waterproof backpacks are created equal. As fly fishermen we know a thing or two about waterproof backpacks. Many backpacks claim to be waterproof but in reality there are only two types of backpacks that are really waterproof and not just water-resistant.The first of these two are so-called waterproof rolltop backpacks. They are made from an entirely waterproof fabric and are closed by rolling the top so no water can get inside. Then there are so-called submersible waterproof backpacks. They provide the utmost in protection from the elements since they feature waterproof zippers. As the name suggests, they can be fully submerged unter water and will still keep everything on the inside dry.In this review we want to give you our favourite options from each category. Waterproof backpacks, and especially submersible ones, are more expensive than normal (water-resistant) backpacks. Since the technology behind these waterproof backpacks is more elaborate (especially the zippers) there is a reason for that. From our experience you should make no compromises when it comes to keeping your gear dry. Especially if you are going to remote places, the least thing you need is your gear to not hold up to your expectations.

  Disclaimer: We source, test and review the best products in the market for you. We only recommend products we use ourselves. If you end up buying a product from one of the merchants, we might earn a commission at no extra cost for you.In this first part of the review we want to take a look at waterproof roll-top backpacks. As mentioned above they close by rolling up the top and securing it with a buckle. These waterproof backpacks are a little less expensive than the submersible ones. They will keep your gear dry unless you plan on submerging your backpack. (If that’s the case check our favourites further down).DIMENSIONS: 20″H x 12 ?”W x 6 ?”D; CAPACITY: 28LThe is one of our favourites for its clean and minimal look. Yet, at the same time it offers 100% waterproofness due to its PU-coated 840-denier nylon. The Filson is incredibly durable and one of the only roll-top backpack that is fully submersible. For their , the company uses a stitching technique that is applied for white-water rafting gear, making sure the backpack lives up to its promises no matter the conditions.On the backside the features a breathable pack panel and very comfortable padded shoulder straps ensuring all-day comfort. We liked the fact that this backpack is equipped with D-rings so you attach extra gear such as a GPS or water bottle. A sternum strap makes weight distribution easy. The features a small mesh pocket on the outside (not waterproof) and one for your essentials on the inside.

  SPECS: Made from 300D Polyester Ripstop. Comes in one size and two colors.Montana-based manufacturer Simms produces some of the greatest outdoor gear in the world of fishing. They know a thing or two about producing waterproof gear (take a look at their waders). Their brand new is an excellent choice if you are looking for a tough waterproof backpack (non-submersible).The comes in two colors and has been boiled down to the essentials. On the inside it features a mesh-pocket for easy storage organisation. The small outside pocket can hold essential gear that you need quick access to, such as car keys. The shoulder straps are now cushioned quite similarly to the Filson and also provide good comfort. The waistband ensures a tight fit. Simms also added a water bottle pocket on each side (which can also serves as rod holders). A D-ring allows for the attachment of a fly fishing net.

  DIMENSIONS: 1171 g (2 lbs 9.3 oz) 23″H x 13″W x 12″D – CAPACITY: 45L (2746 cu in)The is the right choice for you if you are looking for a big rolltop waterproof backpack (capacity 45L) and the utmost in versatility. It features the same easy-to-roll mechanism like the two previous backpacks. On the inside the features one small mesh pocket for essentials. Other than that all your gear goes into the big main compartment.On the outside the offers great versatility. Two web loops allow for the attachment of a fly rod or other gear. The external lashing can hold a rain jacket for example. The is made from 800-denier 100% nylon that is fully waterproof (non-submersible).DIMENSIONS: 35L: 28″H x 13″W, 8″D / 65L: 33.5″H x 14″W x 10″ D – CAPACITY: 35L/65L/90L/120LThe is another solid option. It comes in four sizes (35L, 65L, 90L and 120L) and three colors. It’s made from a very durable fully waterproof (10,000 mm hydrostatic) PVC free fabric that closes with a rolltop and buckle. This bag is not submersible since water can technically seep in through the rolltop closure although we didn’t have that happen during our tests.The comes equipped with very comfortable shoulder straps. A sternum strap and a wide waist strap (in the 35L version that we tested) ensure a tight fit and provide wearing comfort all day long.DIMENSIONS: 24”H (when rolled 3 times) x 12”W x 8”D – CAPACITY: 38LThe is one of the most thought-through waterproof rolltop backpacks out there. It comes with a set of gear straps that can be attached on either side of the backpack to attach extra gear such as a fly rod. The front mesh pocket allows easy and quick access to your essentials (not waterproof).The padded back, shoulder straps and and extra wide waist strap make the comfortable to carry even when fully loaded. Organisation on the inside is easy thanks to a zippered pocket and a clear stash pocket for small items. If you are a fly fisher, the is a great choice since it is compatible with other Fishpond gear such as chest packs.Now that you have a good overview of some of the best roll-top waterproof backpacks out there, we want to give you our favourites of some of the best submersible backpacks on the market. As mentioned before these backpacks provide the utmost in waterproofness. They all feature waterproof zippers that allow you to fully submerge your backpack without getting the gear inside wet.The reliability is a crucial aspect here. Imagine you’re carrying some expensive camera equipment. The least thing you can afford is for water to get inside your backpack. The best submersible backpacks on the market are made by brands that know a thing or two about durability of products. One thing to keep in mind: since these waterproof zippers are expensive and high tech, these submersible backpacks most often feature only one big zipper that opens and closes the main compartment. Some products in this review feature further pockets inside, some others have pockets on the outside to hold essentials. These pockets outside the main compartment are not waterproof. Let’s take a look now at some of the best submersible backpacks on the market in 2023.DIMENSIONS: 18-3/4”H x 10-1/4”W x 8-1/4”D – CAPACITY: 28LThe is the right choice for you if you are looking for a waterproof fully submersible backpack that still offers a high degree of versatility. The centred, clear zippered pocket comes in handy, for example if you want to carry a fishing license that you can show without taking it out of the pocket. The zippered pocket on the side can hold a small water bottle. Both of these outside pockets are not waterproof.The ‘s main compartment is protected by a TIZIP? zipper (the same as the Patagonia one). On the inside you find a mesh pocket for easy organisation. The top grab handle allows for easy carrying of the backpack if it’s not on your shoulders. The adjustable hip belt is removable.DIMENSIONS: 20″H x 12.5″W x 7″D – Weight: 3.9lbs – CAPACITY: 28LAmerican manufacturer YETI has made a name for itself in recent years for producing some of the best outdoor gear on the market, most of all coolers. Their lineup also features some high-end waterproof gear such as the . This fully submersible backpack is incredibly durable and incredibly simple.The features sturdy handles on both sides and on top making it a joy to carry no matter the situation. The Hydrolok? zipper makes sure no water can enter the main compartment. On the inside it features a mesh pocket for your essentials and a sleeve to hold a laptop for example. Removable chest and waist straps provide great flexibility. YETI calls their shell “Thickskin” – for a reason – it feels like the skin of an elephant. If you are looking for the utmost in durability and abrasion resistance you can’t go wrong with the .SPECS: Main Shell: 420D Nylon Double Ripstop with TPU coatingThe has been completely reworked for the season. It’s fully submersible since it features a Tru Zip? zipper that keeps everything inside the main compartment dry. The zippered exterior pocket holds your essential but is not waterproof. A D-ring on the front side allows for the attachment of additional gear.Since the was built with the fly fisher in mind, it has some nice little features such as a centred net holster to comfortably hold your fly fishing net. Pockets on the side of the can hold a fly rod or a beverage for long days on the water.DIMENSIONS: 21″H x 12″W x 9″D – WEIGHT: 2.8lbs – CAPACITY: 28LThe is made from Fishpond’s ultra durable 1680d TPU recycled nylon. The super sturdy TIZIP closure ensure your gear stays dry no matter what. The gear straps (included) allow for the attachment of extra gear on either side of the . On the outside it features a small zippered pocket for quick access (not waterproof).A daisy chain and D-ring on the front panel of the offer even more possibilities to attach gear. On the inside it features a zippered pocket and a clear stash pocket. Just like its rolltop brother, the is compatible with other Fishpond gear. has been in the market for years (has been renamed Guidewater now, was the Stormsurge before) and proven its durability over and over again. It comes in black and blue and features a TIZIP? zipper that has an excellent reputation for providing 100% waterproofness.The main compartment can hold a 15″ laptop or your camera equipment. Padded shoulder straps and a removable waist belt provide great comfort. On the outside the features two gear straps to attach a fly rod or some other gear. On top of that you can attach more gear using the external lashing options. A new feature of the reworked backpack is the internal organizer pocket that can also be attached to the external lash points. A neat, little feature.DIMENSIONS: 960 g (2 lbs 2 oz) – 21″H x 13.5″W x 9″D – CAPACITY: 29L (1770 cu in)As you can see from our review above, all of these waterproof backpacks more or less have the same features. The rolltop ones all close by rolling up the top and closing it with a buckle. The submersible ones feature waterproof zippers that open and close a big main compartment.Quite recently German manufacturer Ortlieb (well-known for their waterproof cycling gear) introduced a waterproof backpack with a revolutionary design that we fell in love with: the Ortlieb Atrack. The clue behind it is the fact that it opens and closes like a bag which makes accessing your gear a lot easier. also features a TIZIP zipper making it completely waterproof. The zipper is on the side close to your back so it prevents someone from accessing your gear while you wear it. The is incredibly thought-through, very comfortable to wear due to the great padded straps and really builds a bridge between backpack and travel bag. Comes in a variety of colors and sizes.As you can see from our review, there are many options out there if you are looking for a backpack that’s waterproof. The decision you have to make is whether you (just) want a waterproof one or a backpack that is even fully submersible. No matter what you opt for, the products reviewed above all stand up to our own expectations and will make sure your gear stays dry no matter the weather situation.Ultimate Guide: Best Wading JacketsBuyer’s Guide Best Wading BootsGuide to the Best Fly Rod under 200$Top 6 Best Fly Fishing NetsA Guide to the Best Fly Fishing Starter KitsBuilding your own Fly RodTopo Designs Quick Pack: A Hip Pack Not Only for Fly FishermenGuide to the Best Fly Reels for SaltwaterOakley Clifden Review: Great for Fly FishingPatagonia Wading Jackets: Buyer’s Guide 2023Notice: We take part in affiliate programs. If you click on one of the links in the text and end up purchasing a product we earn a small commission at no extra cost for you. We only recommend products we are convinced of.

Best Fishing Paddle Boards – Top 9 of 2023


  A fishing paddle board or fishing SUP can get you places you wouldn’t reach otherwise.We tell you what to look for and give you an overview of the best fishing paddle boards out there.

  Table of Contents:Paddle boards – often also called SUPs (Stand up paddle board) have become hugely popular in recent years. People use them for all kinds of purposes now – one of them is fishing. They are a great way to comfortably get to places you otherwise wouldn’t reach. This makes them similar to so-called . However, fishing paddle boards have the advantage that you can use them without fins to paddle and they are also great to just cruise around and explore new waters when you are not fishing.They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes which makes choosing the right model for you not an easy task. Inflatable SUPs have become the gold standard. They offer more flexibility than hard shell SUPS and you can bring them along on any trip. In this guide we want to to show you what to pay attention to before purchasing a fishing paddle board. We’ll also give you an overview of some of the best products out there. We’ve been using fishing SUPs for years now and have become great fans of the freedom they provide.Fishing SUPs are a little different than your average paddle board. The most important features of a fishing SUP are a large and wide built to provide you with enough stability to cast. You also shouldn’t underestimate the place you need to store your gear. Hence your fishing SUP needs to be able to sustain some weight. Fishing paddle boards can be a great way to start fishing from a “boat” and significantly cheaper. We made sure to include products for all budgets in this review so you can make a solid choice. Let’s jump right in!:: Best Stability: Best Inflatable: Best Lightweight: Best Hard Shell : Best FlexibilityNow that you know what to look for in a fishing SUP it’s time to give you an overview of what’s out there. We’ll take a look at paddle boards specifically made for fishing, ones that you can also use to just cruise around on the water and inflatable ones for the utmost in versatility.The convinced us from the moment of the unboxing. Everything feels very sturdy right away and is made from quality materials that guarantee a long life. The comes with a wheeled travel bag that makes bringing your fishing stand up paddle board along on any trip easy and convenient.We used the manual pump included in the set to inflate the . It took us only about ten minutes and the board feels almost like a conventional (not inflated) paddle board. If you inflate and deflate your board often to go fish different places, we recommend an . Another very handy accessory if you are serious about fishing from your SUP is the . It allows you to comfortably store a rod and a net (see picture above) or two rods while you’re paddling.The features several mount options for additional rod holders or action camera mounts all around the board. The three fins that come with the set keep your board stable even when there are some smaller waves on the water. A leash that you can attach to your ankle makes sure your board doesn’t float away in case you might fall into the water. Despite its incredible sturdiness, the weighs in at only 25lbs. A great fishing paddle board that will accompany you on fishing trips for years to come.The is the perfect choice if you are serious about fishing from a paddle board and want to invest in a product that is going to last for a long time. The extra width and thickness of this SUP increase your stability when out on the water and a max weight capacity of 450lbs makes sure you can bring a ton of gear of even a fishing buddy.The traction pad made from soft EVA covers almost the entire length of the and makes sure you have a stable stance no matter the conditions. An integrated 30 in measuring tape makes sure you can quickly measure your catches. A front deck bungee makes sure you can safely stow any of your fishing gear.A deck mount on the ensures you can attach a rod holder or a fish finder. Included in the package are a leash, a pack for transportation that can be carried like a backpack and a hand pump for quick inflation. Within ten minutes your ready to go and catch fish. Also includes a repair kit. You have to a paddle separately.The is every fisherman’s dream. From first glance you can tell that this SUP was designed and built specifically for (fly) fishing. Its wide shaped back end enables you to use it with a which can be attached and detached easily.The comes with a lot of nice little features. This includes an integrated ruler that can measure fish up to 36″. On the front of the you’ll find an area where you can safely store a dry bag with your essentials. Four rod holders (two in the front and two in the back) make sure you can bring multiple rods.With its dimensions of 12’6″ in length, a width of 44″ and a thickness of 6″ the is straight in the water even if the water gets a little wavy. The weighs in at around 45lbs and can carry two people or up to 500lbs. Out of the box this SUP comes with everything you need including the swivel chair, two paddles (a single blade for SUP style paddling and a double blade for paddling when sitting). A 3-year warranty makes sure you’re covered in case something doesn’t work as expected.The only downside we found is that it takes a little time to inflate the . The company claims it’s done within around 7 minutes, in reality however it took us about 15 minutes to fully inflate it. However, if you are using a more powerful , you can speed up that process significantly.The is another great choice if you are looking for a fishing paddle board. This one is our favorite when it comes to versatility and packability. At 11’6 long × 32” wide × 6” thick, the is not quite as wide as the but still provides great stability and can carry up to 450 lbs.The features a kayak and SUP paddle and a detachable kayak seat. It also comes with a cooler that can be attached to the front with securing clips. This makes sure your drinks stay cool or can also be used to store your catch on a hot day. Built in fishing-rod holders securely store your rods when you are paddling.Deflated, the can be stored in the carrying backpack that even features wheels for easier transport – a feature we love! A waterproof fanny pack rounds off the long list of awesome features of the . Since this SUP is a little smaller than the it is a great choice if you want to use it beyond fishing as well.The is for the ones who are looking for the utmost in stability for their fishing adventure. This fishing paddle board is a crossover of a kayak and a SUP, giving you the best of both worlds.The features a removable seat that gives you the ultimate freedom of movement if you purely want to use it as an SUP. With the seat attached the turns into a great day cruiser and provides an excellent level of comfort. The cockpit is self-draining should some water get inside. The also features a removable foot bar that makes paddling for long periods more comfortable.This SUP provides ample storage opportunities in the front and the back. With its dimensions of 11′ length, 33″ width and 10.5″ depth it can hold up to 300lbs. If you are going for the be aware that you have to get some gear separately, such as a paddle or rod holders (which you can here). The is fully deflatable and great for travelling when stored into the travel bag.The is our favorite when it comes to the best inflatable fishing paddle board. This SUP can be pumped up to 28 psi which makes it incredibly rigid and stable. Without knowing it’s an inflatable paddle board, we bet you wouldn’t be able to tell.At 10’8 in length, 33″ width and 6″ depth, the is more compact than the and feels a bit more like the when out on the water. It’s made for a maximum capacity of 265lbs. Using the padded seat that comes with it, you can quickly turn the into a fishing kayak.The comes with a 2 piece paddle that is particularly lightweight due to its fibreglass shaft. Another neat feature is the double-action pump that inflates the on both the up & down portion of the pump making sure you’re ready to go in minutes. The doesn’t feature any rod holders.The does not only bring a little bit of color into your fishing life but is also our first choice when it comes to the best lightweight SUP for fishing. At 34″ it is wider than most paddle boards giving you an extra bit of stability when casting.At only 20lbs the is the right choice if you want to bring along your fishing SUP on every trip. Despite this low weight, the can still hold a maximum of 330 lbs. The paddle that comes with it, is adjustable in length but cannot be turned into a kayak paddle. The also does not feature any kind of seat.The comes with a 5L pack to store your essentials, a waterproof phone case and a detachable safety leash.There aren’t many hard shell SUPs left on the market since inflatable ones have become so popular and improved dramatically in terms of stability in recent years. If however, you know what you won’t need to pack your fishing paddle board into the trunk of the car a hard shell SUP like the is a great choice.As the name suggests, the is made for cruising. With a thickness of only 4.5″ it’s significantly slimmer than most inflatable fishing paddle boards making it glide through the water more easily. The can hold a maximum capacity of 235lbs which means it’s not the right choice if you want to ride it with another person.The comes with carbon hybrid SUP paddle that is adjustable. You can test it for 60 days and send it back if you don’t like it.The is another great choice if you want to give fly fishing from an SUP a try. Its width of 34″ (with 18″ around the tail) provides an increased degree of stability and hence makes the the ideal option if you are new to fishing from a paddle board or are looking for this extra bit of stability on windier days or when fighting bigger saltwater fish.Despite its wider dimensions (the boasts a thickness of 6″) this paddle board only weighs in at 29lbs which means it’s not going to be a problem to carry it to the beach and back for example. If you are serious about fishing from a paddle board, you should consider getting the (optional) since that makes storing your rods while you’re paddling (or securing an extra rod while casting) a lot easier.As you can see from our review, most fishing paddle boards come with a certain price tag. You should take good care of them if you want to enjoy them for a while. The most important thing, especially when using an inflatable fishing SUP, is to dry it properly after using it. Make sure it’s fully dry before storing it for longer periods of time.If you don’t have the time to let it dry on location, pack it up but make sure to let it dry properly once you arrive at home. You can leave it inflated for the entire summer since the best inflatable SUPs will hold the air over months. When fall comes, you should deflate it and store it in a dry place. Also when using it on hot summer days, don’t let your SUP lie around in bright sunshine when there is a shady place around. The same holds true for storing it in the car when the temperatures rise.If you are using your fishing SUP in saltwater, make sure to rinse it with freshwater after using it. This will increase the lifespan of your product.As you can see from our guide, many of the products we reviewed come with multiple items that make your day on the water more enjoyable. Here are a few more items you should consider getting when you’re going for a fishing paddle board: a , an , a , a and a .We hope we could show you that not all fishing paddle boards are created equal. Which one is for you depends on a number of factors: do you have some experience riding an SUP already? Then you can go for a slimmer board that offers better riding capabilities but maybe a little less stability.Do you only want to use your SUP for fishing? Then you should go for a dedicated fishing SUP such as the since these models ensure you have everything you need for a great day on the water. If you want the best of both worlds from a kayak and an SUP, the is a fantastic choice. If your focus is on low weight, go for the . Inflatable paddle boards have become state of the art since they offer a high degree of versatility.No matter which model you go for in the end, make sure you get acquainted with your SUP and take some time to feel comfortable riding it before starting to fly fish from it. You will realise that it takes some time to get accustomed to riding an SUP. Once you’ve mastered the art, we’re sure you’ll have a great time and come to realise that fishing from an SUP adds another level to your game.Ultimate Guide: Best Wading JacketsBuyer’s Guide Best Wading BootsGuide to the Best Fly Rod under 200$Top 6 Best Fly Fishing NetsA Guide to the Best Fly Fishing Starter KitsBuilding your own Fly RodTopo Designs Quick Pack: A Hip Pack Not Only for Fly FishermenGuide to the Best Fly Reels for SaltwaterOakley Clifden Review: Great for Fly FishingPatagonia Wading Jackets: Buyer’s Guide 2023Notice: We take part in affiliate programs. If you click on one of the links in the text and end up purchasing a product we earn a small commission at no extra cost for you. We only recommend products we are convinced of.

12 Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses- 2023 Buyer’s Guide


  Fly fishing sunglasses – one of the most important items when hitting the water. We share our opinion on the best polarized sunglasses for fishing on the market.Disclaimer: All products in this guide are independently researched by our team. We only recommend products we believe in and never get paid for the reviews. Learn more about our review process here.? When choosing a pair of fly fishing glasses there is a number of factors to consider: the most important one being the fit of the sunglasses. They need to match the shape of your face and rest firmly on your nose. Otherwise you won’t have a lot of fun on the water.Secondly, your fishing glasses should definitely be polarized. We will explain this technology in more detail later. It basically means that certain rays of light are filtered which takes the glare off and enables you to see fish you otherwise wouldn’t see. In our review, the ticked both of these boxes to our fullest satisfaction.

  In this article we want to share our experiences and introduce you to a number of different options concerning lenses and shapes of the polarised sunglasses for fishing. For our test we selected multiple high quality lenses from well known brands such as Costa, Oakley and Smith Optics but also included sunglasses that cost a fraction of the well known brands to see how they can keep up.?We chose different shapes, glass technologies and glass colors. The reason behind this was to give you a better overview about what options for sunglasses for fishing are out there.?Polarized glasses are the standard in fishing glasses nowadays. Let’s jump right into the best polarized sunglasses on the market.Here’s an overview of our top 12 favorite polarized fishing glasses, ranging from entry level products to mid range and high end.Disclaimer: The Wading List is reader-supported: If you click one of the links and end up purchasing a product we might earn a small commission at no extra cost for you. We only recommend products for purchase that we tested and believe in. Thanks for your support!Specs: Lens Height: 42mm – Lens Width: 62mm – Bridge Width: 17mm – Temple Length: 120mm:Smith Optics is a manufacturer that has a long tradition in producing some of the best polarized fishing sunglasses. They praise themselves to add another dimension to polarisation through their ChromaPop technology. As the name of this model suggests, the are the go to lenses for many professional fly fishermen and women around the globe.Here is what I like about the : With the help of a special?lens technology, you can see detail and color beyond normal capabilities.?ChromaPop?filters two specific wavelengths of light that cause color confusion. By doing this the lens delivers greater definition, more natural color, and unmatched clarity to allow you to see more detail.The come in a variety of color options as for most quality manufacturers. I found the Green Mirror Lens (pictured above) to be a fantastic all-around lens color. I think the Blue Mirror variant is a great choice for bright days on the water. If you want the utmost in low light qualities which can be especially helpful during the colder months when it’s less bright, the ChromaPop Plus Polarchromic Ignitor is the way to go.SPECS: Lens Height: 40mm – Lens Width: 60mm – Bridge Width: 19mm – Temple Length: 122mm:Here’s another great quality pair of polarized fishing sunglasses: the . What I like in particular about this pair of fishing glasses is their snug fit. No matter how hard you are fishing, these shades stay where they are supposed to. The Captivate Polarized Green Mirror lenses (pictured above) are a great choice for bright days out on the water.If a lot of your fishing happens in low light situations you should check out the Captivate Bronze Mirror option of the . These lenses shine with their low light capabilities. If you are looking for an allrounder that will serve you well no matter the light conditions, the Captivate Polarized Gray are the way to go. No matter which lens color you go for, you will surely get a quality pair of polarized fishing sunglasses with the . Black Zippered Clamshell Case, Cleaning Cloth with Wiley X Logo, Leash Cord with Rubber Grips.SPECS: Lens Height: 43.5mm – Lens Width: 64mm – Bridge Width: 17mm – Temple Length: 132mm:I wore the during bright days on the water since that is the environment that these lenses are designed for. If you want a higher light transmission you should opt for the lens option. This makes the?Oakley Split Shot a better option for cloudier days and the time during dusk and dawn.Oakley has been known for building high performance fishing sunglasses for a while. In my eyes, the have a great, close fit that shields your eyes from the sun completely. Another lovely feature is the detachable leash that holds your shades when you take them off.?These lenses are a great choice if you are into other outdoor sports besides fly fishing such as skiing or biking. Their tight fit protects you against air stream when executing these sports.SPECS: Lens Height: 44.9mm – Lens Width: 62.9mm – Bridge Width: 15mm – Temple Length: 120mm:Costa has made a name for themselves amongst fly fishermen. Their polarized fishing sunglasses are amongst the best on the market. Brand new for the season is the . Made from Bio Resin material, it features a lens width of 62.9 mm and a frame width of 138 mm. This makes this model a great fit for wider, bigger heads.In my opinion, the grey 580 lenses are a great all around choice and perform well in all light situations. Costa praises their glass as lighter and thinner than other brands and we found the very comfortable to wear all day. The adjustable nose pad adds to the comfort.What I like in particular about the Costa’s is the clarity of the colors. T depending on the environment you fish in. As with the?Oakley Split Shot Prizm we chose for the test, is a great choice if you fish in a lot. For the utmost in low light qualities the is the way to go. The is also available with RX lenses.SPECS: Lens Height: 41mm – Lens Width: 65mm – Bridge Width: 19mm – Temple Length: 120mm:The Hawaiian manufacturer Maui Jim is another premium brand when it comes to fly fishing sunglasses. The has a tight fit similar to the?Oakley Split Shot Prizm?but is a little bigger. It has a rubber insert on the inside where the glasses meet the nose. The very thin glass lenses provide excellent polarization and take stress off the eyes on a long day of fishing.The comes in a wide range of colors to provide a solution for any possible fishing situation. I found the bronze polarized lenses to be great for low light situations and fishing during dawn. For really bright conditions the Blue Hawaii Polarized version is my favorite lens color.The rubber inlay where the glasses sit on the nose is a neat little feature as the nose pad ensures the lenses stay on your nose even on hot days when you sweat.:The are another great pair of sunglasses for smaller budgets. At around $50 they provide 100% UV protection, polarisation and water repellent lenses. HUK is well known for producing quality gear at affordable prices – make sure to check their fishing shirts and shorts as well.I found the to have a snug fit that makes them comfortable to wear all day and prevents sunlight from hitting your eyes. The come in a variety of colors for all kinds of different fishing situations. The Blue Mirror lens (pictured above) is great for bright days fishing in saltwater. If you are looking for good lowlight capabilities, go for the brown lens. If you are looking for an allrounder, the gray lens is my favorite choice.SPECS: Lens Height: 35mm – Lens Width: 64mm – Bridge Width: 17mm – Temple Length: 125mm:The French manufacturer Bollé has been known for decades for the high quality of its sports sunglasses. The in polarized offshore blue offers an entry into high-quality polarized glasses for well under $100. It’s also available with , which is the perfect choice if you’re looking for an all-rounder.I like the ‘s snug fit which makes them a good fit for other outdoor sports such as skiing or mountain biking as well. All Bollé sunglasses come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. If you’re looking for a very good pair of polarized glasses for fishing that won’t take the hair right off your head, the is an excellent choice.:Most importantly, the??provide 100% UV protection and polarized glasses. I tested them in different environments, fishing a river in low light conditions and during bright sunshine in the Mediterranean. The polarisation capability is flawless and gives you a good look into the water. Their greyish glas makes them a good overall choice if you don’t want to spend hundreds of $ for a pair of sunglasses or if you just picked up fly fishing and want to find out if you stick with it.The fit is less snug than the or the and can be better compared to the . Due to the shape it does not block out glare as well. On the other hand, the looser fit makes it a great allrounder and a pair of sunglasses that you can easily wear around town without looking like a hardcore sports enthusiast.The glass works well in low light situations although it cannot keep up with the for example which plays in another league. On very bright days you should opt for a darker glass.: are a great entry level pair of polarized fishing sunglasses if you are looking for brown lenses. Brown lenses are a great all round choice for fishing glasses and work well in low light situations as well. Of course, the also provide 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays.The are a good choice for women as well since their frame is not too wide (dimensions of the frame: 137mmLens: 43mm high x 58mm wide). They are also available with which work really well in bright environments like when fishing in the sea. The fact that the come with a warranty against manufacturer defects is a plus.SPECS: Lens Height: 48mm – Lens Width: 65mm – Bridge Width: 14mm – Temple Length: 122mm:The are a solid entry level choice if you are looking for some polarized fishing sunglasses for your first days on the water. They come with highly scratch-resistant glasses and in a variety of colors to cover all light situations you might encounterI found the no-slip nose pad to work well and holes at the end of the temples allow you to attach a strap that comes with the are features you would not expect from an entry level product – great! They also come with a lifetime warranty. You can’t go wrong with these fishing glasses – great value for money.SPECS: Lens Height: 42mm – Lens Width: 51mm – Bridge Width: 14mm – Temple Length: 137mm:Here is another quality pair of polarised fishing sunglasses for under $50: the . The American brand has gained many outdoor fans who are looking for a solid pair of shades for sports such as cycling, golf or fishing.The feature a shatterproof polycarbonate lens that reduces glare and provides 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. In the test, I found that the hydrophilic nose pads make sure your shades stay where they are supposed to. Weighing in at only 23g, the are lightweight and available in a wide range of color specifications.:The are specifically designed for more slenders faces of women. Costa is known for producing some of the best fishing glasses on the market. Their. are equipped with their latest 580p lens which offers supreme protection from UV rays and a fantastic polarisation.The are available in a wide range of colors for all situations. If you are mostly out on a boat in bright conditions go for the Blue Mirror Polarized or the Green Mirror Polarized glasses. If you are looking for an allrounder, the Grey Silver Mirror Polarized are an excellent option. If you are mostly out on the river in low light situations go for a lens that offers the utmost in low light qualities such as the Copper Polarized 580. :I just tested another great pair of fishing sunglasses that cover a special situation when out on the water. Oftentimes one of the best times to fish is when dawn comes. The problem with regular sunglasses is that they get “too dark” when the light fades: enter the photochromic.The with the Clear To Black Iridium Photochromic lenses features lenses that “get darker” when the sun’s out and “brighter” when the light fades. This means your eyes are protected even when it gets too dark to see with regular glasses. The are available in many variations and also with polarized lenses.Polarized fishing sunglasses emphasize certain parts of the light and provide stronger contrasts. They are important when fly fishing because their special lenses prevent or reduce light reflexes and reflections for example on the water’s surface.Your eyes get less tired because they don’t constantly have to adapt to new lighting conditions. First and foremost they enable you to literally look into the water. Spotting fish gets easier no matter whether you fish in fresh or . Polarized fishing glasses also help you to figure out underwater structures more precisely or can support your vision when wading.This image from Smith Optics’ website neatly explains the advantages of using polarized sunglasses for fishing:Last update on 2023-01-14 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising APIThe time of day and the environment you’re fishing in make a difference in the lenses and frames you should pick. When you’re mostly fishing in saltwater you will often encounter bright days that will come with a lot of glare. For these circumstances, a snug fit and lens colors such as blue or green are ideal. In that case, also make sure to choose a pair that doesn’t feature any components that could corrode.If most of your fishing happens on rivers or inshore water bodies a snug fit is not as crucial but still highly recommended. A lens color of yellow, orange or light brown is ideal if you you’re often fishing into the night or in other low light conditions.Sunglasses for fishing are essential for any kind of fishing. To protect yourself from the sun, you can use additional pieces of gear such as a hat, face masks (neck gaitors) and fishing shirts with UV protection.10 Best Wading Boot for Fly FishingBest Fly Fishing Waders – Buyer’s GuideBest Fly Rod CombosBest Fly Tying ViseBest Fillet Knife for Preparing your CatchNote: If you click one of the links and end up purchasing a product we earn a small commission at no extra cost for you. We only recommend products for purchase that we tested and believe in. Thanks for your support!

Best Fishing Kayaks for All Budgets – 2023 Buyer’s Guide


  In the fishing industry, one of the most in-demand things is a great fishing kayak.There are plenty of different types of fishing kayaks available on the market – and for various different types of fishing environments. However, it’s also important to understand that navigating through an exhaustive list of products can be a bit too overwhelming. There are just so many specifications, features, and performance-based aspects of a kayak that you must consider.So, getting one that’s right for you can be a tough nut to crack. Fortunately for you, we’ve made a list of the best fishing kayaks at different price points that you can consider.?1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. When it comes to a great single-person fishing boat and a great experience, you should never compromise on the stability of the boat. The boat needs to be stable enough and comfortable to stand on and cast a line. The best way to understand what boat provides more stability is to stand in one to see if it wobbles too much. You can also check out videos and images of anglers standing in their boats and fishing.?The boat must be comfortable as well. You see, you want a kayak that is comfortable to fish in for extended periods of time. And that means that the kayak must feature a comfortable and ergonomic seat with a raised back rest. Also, ensure that the seat is also adjustable, which is important when you have to cast a line in different directions or reel the catch in securely. The best way to ensure a kayak has comfortable seating is to sit in one for a longer period. Plus, it has to be well-designed so that you can stand and sit with? minimal complications.

  This is another important factor. Customizability or “rig-ability” refers to the boat’s capability to offer fishers the chance to easily mount different fishing electronics such as , GPS navigation, and much more. You must be able to attach a depth finder or rig the boat with additional rod holders and other fishing accessories.?Notice: The Wading List is reader-supported. We take part in various affiliate programs such as amazon associates or avantlink. If you click on one of the links in this article and end up purchasing a product we earn a small commission at no extra cost for you. Thank you!When it comes to streamlined comfort, versatility, and functionality, the can be an excellent choice for both veteran and avid anglers. The 12T series has been completely redesigned with newer features and a brand new hull design – boosting stability as well as delivering excellent tracking. It’s so stable that you can easily stand up and catch a big fish while maintaining balance.

  The is 12 feet long with a total weight of 77-lbs. With a 31 inch width, the kayak has a total weight load capacity of 350-lbs. Moreover, the kayak is designed to be self-bailing and features 6 scupper holes as well as plugs and you can buy it in different colors. The boat also has excellent storage capacity and also features a bungee rope system at the rear. The legroom on the boat is great and is suitable for paddlers of different sizes. It also features two sturdy fishing rod holders and ergonomic rubber grips.?Comfortable and adjustable seatsNew hull design?Excellent stabilityGreat storage capacityA bit expensiveCould have had more weight capacityThe is one the most expensive products on the list. However, the features and design of the boat may quite amicably justify the hefty price tag. The kayak comes with the new AutoPilot 120 series leverages that are motorized. Plus, the boat features Minn Kota’s cutting-edge Spot-Lock system, making the boat faster. Moreover, the boat comes with a state-of-the-art i-Pilot system, designed to help you control the boat from just your thumb – it’s Bluetooth connected.The weighs 45-lbs and is installed with a 12-volt motor. The spot-lock technology helps steady your boat, ensuring it remains in position no matter how strong the wind current is. The kayak also comes with foot steering functionalities, which means you can focus on targeting a big fish while steering the boat with your feet. The kayak features a very comfortable and ergonomic seat. The seat is made from durable, UV-resistant textilene. You can also adjust the seat as per your liking.

  AutoPilot 2.0 leveragesMinn Kota motor?Hand-free boat steering?Spot-lock tech for supreme balanceAdjustable seatGreat storageVery priceyWhen it comes to flexibility and comfort at an affordable price tag, the can be a great option – especially for beginners. The boat is a sit-on top and is 10 feet long with a comfortable, fully padded seat. Rest assured you can go on long fishing trips without feeling tired or having an aching back. The Tamarack was designed to provide streamlined balance and stability and features a flat bottom. The kayak is also integrated with deep-level tracking channels with durable chine rails for added stability.?Moreover, the is also built with HDPE (high-density polyethylene), which means it has a strong and durable design – significantly boosting its impact resistance. The boat weighs 52-lbs and also features rear carry rails, making it quicker for you to transport it. The boat is also built-in with fishing rod holders, footrest positions, front and back storage compartments, shock cord straps, and much more.?Padded seatFlat bottom design?Durable chine rails?Multiple accessoriesDecent storageNot recommended for veteran anglersThe is a durable and lightweight boat. Designed for single-person action, it is often recommended for beginners and avid fishers and anglers. The kayak can also be used as a recreational paddling boat and is great for paddling on calm waters. The Pelican Sentinel is also designed for speed, flexibility, and tracking.However, the isn’t designed to handle rough currents. Plus, the kayak also features sturdy rod holders for an ergonomic and comfortable fishing experience. The boat weighs 40-lbs and is 10 feet in length. The Sentinel is also equipped with ExoShell storage, the 13 liter compartments are removable so that you can store everything at home.?LightweightEasy to transportExoShell removable storageOnly for beginnersWhen it comes to functionality and stability, the will not disappoint fishing enthusiasts. The kayak is built-in with some great features and a solid tracking system with optimized stability. Moreover, the fishing boat also features a stadium-style, comfortable seat that fishers can easily adjust to their liking. You can sit upright or recline the seat as needed.The adjustability also helps move easily in the direction of the catch. Plus, the also has a sturdy, molded accessory for smooth track recess. The boat also has excellent storage compartments with a well-designed bow tanwell. The tanwell features a mesh cover and is fitted with a tackle compartment and a rigging system to attach electronic fish locators.?Fast and stable?Great customization optionsExcellent for calm water fishingDoesn’t come with a rudderNo waterproof storageNot good for rough waters?The has a lot of great accessories, fitted just right. The kayak features two mounts for fishing rods, designed at the back of the seat. It’s built with a gear track on both sides of the hull and checks all the boxes when it comes to the bare minimum requirements of sit-on top kayaks.Fishermen should rejoice that they won’t feel any snag on the fishing line and the cockpit features a well-designed track and camera mounting accessory. You can also attach an extra rod holder. The also has a UTM (universal transducer mount), which means fishermen can easily attach different fishing electronics and locators.Great boat stabilityUniversal Transducer MountGreat accessoriesExpensiveThe seating isn’t that ergonomicWhile there are a plethora of great fishing kayaks out there, avid anglers and veteran fishers should opt for the . It’s a multipurpose boat designed for stability and comes with some great accessories and features to make your fishing experience all the more fun and effective. The storage capacity on the BKC is impressive with waterproof storage compartments.The is 11 feet in length with a 34 inch width. The maximum weight capacity of the boat is 440-lbs and allows fishers to easily stand up and cast their lines without compromising on stability. The boat is built with high-density polyethylene, making it impact resistant. The weight of the boat is 70-lbs.?Waterproof storage compartmentsGreat stabilitySturdy and durable design?Well-designed rudder system allows for optimized maneuverabilityGood weight capacityIt’s a bit too heavy for single-person fishingSeats aren’t comfortablePriceyWhile a majority of products on this list of best tandem fishing kayaks range from expensive to moderately expensive, the??is by far the most affordable. The kayak is designed for fishing on gentle river streams and lakes and is delivered with the company’s very own carrying case. The boat is made with durable polyester with a blend of PVC on either side. While the boat is prone to damage, you can easily mend any damage thanks to the repair kit the boat comes with.?The??also comes with its very own inflating device – but because the device is rather small, you’d have to wait quite a while for the boat to fully inflate. The kayak comes with adjustable seats and footrests, and you can also strap the seat to the surface of the boat using a Velcro strip. All in all, not a bad investment if you’re a non-frequent fisher and are on a budget.?Great portabilityAdjustable seatsHighly affordable?Comes with several accessoriesUnsatisfactory built qualityNot load bearingNot recommended for avid fishersA powerful fishing kayak, the is integrated with the company’s patented Yak-power system that features a streamlined wiring harness. Plus, the boat comes with a master control as well three different power plugs. This means you can equip the boat with different fishing electronics such as locators, GPS system, and other important accessories. Moreover, the boat also comes in a molded landing design that helps fishers mount all their accessories quickly and with ease.The foot braces are comfortable and can be quickly adjusted – so no matter how tall or short you are, you will always be comfortable fishing in the . The casting platform is sturdy and stable allowing for smoother and accurate line casting. The boat is also designed with cushioned flooring with non-skid capabilities.?Comfortable seat with cushioned and raised featureDrink holdersEight scupper drainsMultiple plugsWaterproof hatch storage compartments??ExpensiveWhen it comes to kayak fishing, it’s acceptable for anglers to compromise on the more elaborate features of a high-end fishing boat. At a very affordable price point, the comes with some decent accessories and features to make your fishing experience all the more enjoyable.The is manufactured with durable, UV-resistant, HDPE (high-density polyethylene). This means the boat is impact resistant while being lightweight and stable. The boat also features two water-resistant round storage compartments you can use to put away smaller tools and equipment.?Lightweight and easy to transportBuilt with three fishing rod mounts?Two built-in hatches to store your equipment and tackle gearStable with great performance?Seats aren’t comfortableYour equipment and tools will slide around in the hatchesDoesn’t come with a skid plateWhen it comes to durability, class, and comfort, the can be a great investment for your fishing adventures. Coming at a four-figure price, the Elkton is more of a luxury fishing boat than your average product. Weighing in at 72-lbs, the kayak is 12.3 feet in length and 3 feet wide.?The is designed for novice, recreational, and veteran fishers. The boat can use used on rivers, calm streams, the ocean, lakes, and mild-current rivers. In addition, the kayak comes with two seats that are designed for a comfortable fishing experience. Plus, the seats are built with cupholders so that you can enjoy your morning coffee while waiting for a big catch.?But perhaps one of the best thing about the is that you can pack it with a lot of equipment. You see, the boat comes with a two independent storage units, one on each end of the boat. The boat has a total load-bearing capacity of 650-lbs!?You can also bring your valuables such as smartphones and wallets on-board and have no worries that they’ll get wet. The boasts waterproof storage for your valuables. The boat also comes with adjustable holders for your fishing rod and is built with rotationally molded and highly durable materials.?Smooth handling and well-balancedExcellent storage spaceWaterproof and air-tight storage compartmentsDurable materialsExpensive?The is an all-round boat that’s designed for both veteran angles as well as beginner fishers. Fishers can also use the kayak for recreational paddling. However, the boat is only designed to be used on calm waters with slow moving currents. With a simple and minimal design, the boat is designed for easy maintenance and features two tracking channels to keep the boat well-balanced and stable. The boat is 9 feet in length and weighs 41-lbs and is designed with bow and stern handles for easy transport.?Moreover, the is very easy to get in and out of and because it is designed with a larger cockpit area, you’ll always be comfortable fishing for long periods of time. The total weight capacity of the boat is 325-lbs, which is impressive for this price point. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the boat doesn’t have a lot of storage capacity. There is a small storage dashboard, but you’ll be able to store smaller items and equipment. The fishing kayak also has a bungee cord system to help keep your paddles stable and secure.?Cup holdersLightweight and easy to transport?Bungee cord systemLarge cockpit designLess than desired storage space?The storage compartment is not waterproofSeating is not comfortableSo there you have it, a list of some of the best fishing kayaks you can invest in for a great experience. However, what you buy depends on your budget and fishing requirements. So, if you’re a veteran and aren’t really on a budget, go for something that’s more long-term and offers more accessories and mounting capability without compromising on stability and performance.The t is perhaps the best product for veteran anglers. For beginners and those on a budget, the best thing to invest in is the .Notice: The Wading List is reader-supported. We take part in various affiliate programs such as amazon associates or avantlink. If you click on one of the links in this article and end up purchasing a product we earn a small commission at no extra cost for you. Thank you !

Review Rains Backpack – Stylish Choice for Fly Fishermen


  Heading out to the water, everyone has his own rituals of what to bring and how to store his most important items like spare spools, tippets, fly boxes, etc.

  I try to keep my gear to a minimum as I like the freedom of movement that comes with it. But there are days when you need a little more equipment or some food or drinks for a long day out fishing. That’s when a backpack can come in handy. Of course the big fly fishing brands all have backpack models in their range of fly fishing equipment.However, as I like multi-purpose items, I took a look beyond the classic fly fishing brands to discover new options for a fly fishing backpack. One model that I came across was the Rains Rolltop Backpack. Produced by the Danish street- and rainwear brand, Rains, it has a modern and sleek feel to it. I got it in black since I like to use it in the city as well in daily life. There is even a more suitable color if you want to primarily use it for fly fishing: green.In the next few paragraphs I want to give you an idea of what the Rains rucksack can deliver and what it can’t.The Rains Rolltop Backpack has a classic minimal design. Its main compartment can be accessed and secured through the rolltop opening on top. Inside the backpack has a nice, mesh-like coating that prevents scratches to any sensitive items you might store inside.Besides the small front pocket that can hold your wallet, phone, keys or a fishing license, the Rains Rucksack features a slim laptop pocket that can be accessed on the side of the backpack. You wouldn’t even realize it if you didn’t know it was there. It can hold a 15” laptop.One of the most important features for fly fishermen surely is the water resistance. This bag has a water repellent coating which works really well but it is not waterproof. If you roll the top of the bag tightly water should be prevented from entering the main compartment. The front pocket however is not waterproof. If you take a look at models offered by classic fly fishing brands such as Simms or Patagonia, there are backpacks that are 100% waterproof. However, they come at a much higher price point than the Rains Rucksack.

  The build quality of Rains products is very high from my experience. I personally use the Rains Weekend Bag since a few years and it is still going strong. The coating of the roll top backpack makes it unsusceptible, yet again it is probably not as sturdy as some higher priced items from other brands built specifically for situations requiring utmost reliability and waterproofness. However, taking into account that most fly fishermen don’t spend 100 days on the water each year, the Rains roll top backpack will most certainly do its job just fine for them.This is where the Rains roll top backpack can really shine. Since its design is inspired by a classic cycling backpack it has a minimal, sleek look to it that is underlined by the coating. The padded back side makes the Rains Rucksack a comfortable companion for a long day on the water. For more comfort it also features adjustable shoulder straps and a chest strap.

  Roll top closure with adjustable strapBike lock loopFront pocket with zipperOne main compartmentSide-access 15” laptop sleeveMeasurements: H 60 cm (open) / H 49 cm (close) x L 31 cm x W 10 cmVolume: 18 liters50% polyurethane, 50% polyesterFabric column pressure: 8000 mmWater-repellent zipperPadded backsideAdjustable shoulder and chest strapsPrice: 105Colours: Black, green, orangeGet it here

Best Streamer Fly Box – 2023 Buyer’s Guide


  Fishing with streamers is popular for a reason. If you’re in for trophy fish, streamers are often a good choice. We give you an overview of the best streamer fly box out there.Disclaimer: All products in this guide are independently researched by our team. We only recommend products we believe in and never get paid for the reviews. Learn more about our review process here.Streamers can be used for a number of predatory freshwater and saltwater fish. Since they are often a bit bigger than dry flies or nymphs you need bigger boxes to store them properly. Ideally, in terms of sustainability and durability, they should be waterproof and sturdy.Like all fly fishing products, streamer boxes that have that extra bit of quality come at a slightly higher price. However, all the ones we’ll present you in this guide fulfill the quality standards that we apply to premium products.

  If you get any of these you will take pleasure in using your streamer box for years to come. Here is an overview of the models we’ll take a look at:Key Features:Dimensions: 7” x 3.75” x 1.25” (17,8 cm x 9,5 cm x 3,2 cm)Holds up to 144 flies and hook sizes up to 2/0If I had to pick one streamer box it would probably be the . Tacky got acquired by Fishpond for a reason: they had made a name for themselves for creating innovative fly fishing products. What makes this box special is Tacky’s patented slit silicone system.?The small slits hold the streamers in place really well even after a long day of fly fishing. It is the ideal streamer box for big trout streamers. If you are looking for a streamer box to hold larger pike streamers (bigger than 7” or 15cm respectively) the is too small.?The entire box exudes quality. Besides the great slit silicone system the also features nice magnetic closures in the corners of the streamer box. This ensures that the box stays closed at all times and makes it waterproof.?Key Features:Dimensions: 7.25” x 4” x 1” (18,5 cm x 10 cm x 2,5cm)Holds up to 100 fliesHere is another model from Fishpond that makes our list of recommended streamer boxes: the . Its size of 7.25” x 4” x 1” (18,5 cm x 10 cm x 2,5cm) puts it in the same range as the Big Bug Box however it is designed for smaller streamers.The anchoring system inside is a bit different and features a silicone mat that gives you more freedom to arrange your flies than the Big Bug. The real innovation is the Event? fabric venting system from Fishpond that makes the waterproof on the one hand but breathable on the other hand. That ensures a longer life time of your streamers.?A great feature since you have probably experienced taking out a streamer a few days after your last fishing trip and realising it hasn’t completely dried in the meantime. The waterproof closure system is latchless.?Key Features:Dimensions: 7.75 x 4.48 x 1.65 inches (19.69 cm? x 11.38 cm x 4,19 cm)Capacity: up to 100 fliesJapanese have been in the game for a long time. Their product quality is hardly matched by other manufacturers. That’s why there can’t be a list of recommended streamer boxers without one of their fly boxes.?We chose the for its versatility. The rounded edges and ripples surface make it easy to grab whatever the conditions may be. Four slit foam strips on both sides of the C&F Design streamer box make it an ideal choice for medium sized flies. The slit system and the thickness of the foam can hold heavier saltwater hooks.Key features:Dimensions: 8.66 x 6.69 x 2.01 inches (22 cm x 17cm x 5cm)Capacity: more than 50 fliesThe is another great streamers box. It features a foam slit system to arrange your flies. It can hold streamers on both sides of the box, hence it is a bit thicker.?Like most streamer boxes it features see through lids that make it easy for you to choose a fly when the box is still closed. This feature can come in handy on a windy day. The is not waterproof although the high density rubber seals make it water resistant. Snap tight latches make sure your box stays closed when stowed.?Key Features:Dimensions: 7.5 x 5 x 1.5 inches (19 cm x 12,7 cm x 3.8 cm)Capacity: comes with more than 120 flies includedThe is the bird of paradise in our guide. The reason we recommend you this streamer box is the content it comes with. It’s fully loaded with more than 120 flies for all situations, not only streamers but dry flies, wet flies, terrestrials etc.?The two fly boxes each feature 24 compartments that make a great storage for your streamers. You can leave these bigger boxes in the car and just take a selection when you head to the water.?The also makes for a great gift for fly fishermen.As you can see from our test there are a couple of features that come into play when choosing a streamer box for your fly fishing adventures. The questions you have to ask yourself are: How big will my streamers that I need to store be? Does the box have to be waterproof? Do I want to be able to see the streamer from outside? No matter which product you end up choosing, we hope you’ll have fun at the water and catch a lot of fish.Last update on 2023-01-15 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising APINote: If you click one of the links and end up purchasing a product we earn a small commission at no extra cost for you. We only recommend products for purchase that we tested and believe in. Thanks for your support!Read our fly box guide here and learn how to store all your flies